It isn't just a gift shop. Antiques, artifacts and animal mounts let you experience the feeling of an old-fashioned mercantile. Horehound candy and 10 cent candy sticks are available. Horseshoe puzzles, Real West T-shirts and Pendleton memorabilia are plentiful as well.

After the tour when we've really wet your appetite for local history you can buy some of the most interesting history books written about the west.
For example, "More on the Pendleton Underground" a recently published souvenir book by Pam Severe and Lon Thornburg. This paperback gives even more details, history and information on the Pendleton Underground Tours. It is available for $7.00 at the store or we can mail one to you for an additional $3.50 for postage and handling.

There's something for everyone to help remember their visit to Pendleton and its world famous Underground Tour.
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